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Competition for online rankings has become increasingly important as Google has been leading the search market. Spark Fire works with businesses to rank by focusing content, improving reputation, optimizing user experience, and forming relationships that create inlinks. Kitchen Remodeling Website

Ranking for a keyword is a long term war for position. Hundreds of factors come together to position you.

My approach for Search Engine Optimization is to focus a company on what would make their business and content as relevant as possible to potential clients.

Sometimes the things that can impact ranking the most are cheap or free for a business to do. Asking clients for quality reviews and making sure website pages load quickly can have a huge impact.

Some of my clients

That have improved their position online by working with me to develop a website.

Morrell Builders

Home Builders

Old Metropolitan Hall

Event Venue

My In Control

Youth Programs

Integritas Tec

Technology Solutions


Messaging Solutions

Monticello Wine Tours

Wine Tours

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