About Andrew

My name is Andrew Woodard. I started Spark Fire Web Design to help business owners take control of their online presence. I continue to enjoy learning the most exciting new tools to help my clients compete. Tools that make their businesses run more smoothly and that make their clients happy.

My goal working with clients is to be as responsive as can be possible. You can always reach me on the phone and I'll always get back to you within an hour with an email reply. I'm here to answer your questions and if I don't know the answer then I will find it for you.

I’ve made my career about promoting businesses online.

Andrew Woodard

The wonderful thing about digital as a marketing platform is that so much can be measured. That is where my background comes in to play. Prior to starting Spark Fire 6 years ago I worked for IEC Electronics, a contract electronics manufacturer, developing business analytics for a large company that produced over 100 million dollars in electronics per year.

I developed the skills to help accomplish this from my years in business school at the Simon School of business in Rochester NY, which is known for a focus on finance and skills with numbers.

My approach is to create content that can focus on a KPI, Key Process Indicator, for your company. In many cases this KPI is online sales, in some it is contact form fills, and in some simply the time on site for visitors.

We create content that pulls potential clients in and leads them to the final destination of reaching out to you. The wonderful thing about online marketing is that everything is measured. From the amount of time a person spends on each of your web pages to the location the make access from, you can track your clients progress.

Let us build you something great.

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