Online Marketing

Online Advertising gets the word out about your product or service. Get precision targetting and a great return on every advertising dollar spent. As a web developer and marketer I understand how to use landing pages to get you the most out of your advertising.

The wonderful thing about digital as a marketing platform is that so much can be measured.

Analytics and Heat Maps can tell us a huge amount about how your clients interact with our advertising and website online. Today we can see everything from how long a user spends on our website, to what they look at buying, and where they come from when they arrive at the website. Using these analytics we can understand their decision making. As an example I know that my potential clients come to this website looking for help improving their online presence. I know that they find the website either from one of my client websites (referral) or by doing a google search (organic). Using this knowledge I known how to augment this traffic using paid for advertising. Using paid for advertising I can greatly increase my reach (The potential clients that see my website).

Some of my clients

I've helped businesses large and small to create a better presence online.

Morrell Builders

Home Builders

Old Metropolitan Hall

Event Venue


Pet & Outdoor Stores

Inde Design Studio

Interior Design

Stay Charlottesville

Vacation Rentals

Indian Summer Guide Service

Horseback Rides

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