How to make the fastest possible wesbsite
Keep it simple

Work smarter not harder. That is the lesson learned after many years of working on wordpress websites and fighting the good fight to keep them FAST. The problem with old school wordpress websites is that they grow and slow. You need a plugin one day and the next day your entire website is a bit slower.

Several years ago I was introduced to Jekyll, my first static site builders, and I saw the benefits of lower maintenance and overhead that could come from building more Websites in that way.

In 2019 I was introduced to Gatsby and NextJS and now I see even greater benefits that can come from working smarter instead of harder.

The real time savings that you get with using a React based static site builder is to speed up development time. There are no servers to spin up when you use Verceland there are far fewer bugs to deal with when you website is statically generated.

Key Takeaway: Spend time on creating content, not keeping it from crashing.


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