9 Wordpress Plugins you Need for Headless NextJS.

March 9, 2021


Andrew Woodard

Charlottesville Insider Website

These are the top 9 plugins that are super helpful in building a NextJS powered headless site using Wordpress.

  • 1) WP GraphQL - For getting your data over to NextJS.
  • 2) Advanced Custom Fields - To create custom fields associated with your posts.
  • 3) Custom Post Type UI - To create custom post types.
  • 4) Nullify empty fields for ACF - To keep undefined fields from messing with your builds.
  • 5) Vercel Deploy Hooks - To push your website to vercel.
  • 6) WPGraphQL Custom Post Type UI - Get graphql data over to
  • 7) WPGraphQL for Advanced Custom Fields - Get your custom fields over to NextJS.
  • 8) Yoast SEO - To give you those useful SEO fields.
  • 9) Add WPGraphQL SEO - To get your SEO data over to NextJS.