Online Stores

Online Stores

Want to start and Online Store? We know how to sell your product and excite your clients.

Yes and E-Commerce site can be a great way to grow your sales beyond your current boundaries. Spark Fire can help you get started with inventory control, integrated shipping cost calculation, payments portals and automated order process flows

Online payment and Shipping

Give your customers a wide variety of payment options. Our systems allow for payments through traditional credit cards and from new online services like paypal and amazon.

Your Store in the Clouds

It’s important to know that setting up an online store is very similar to setting up a brick and mortar store. In both you must show your customers a professional style and excite them about your product presentation. With both you must consider inventory, potential discounts, book keeping and more.

The Big Difference from Brick and Mortar Stores

An online store costs far less than a regular brick and mortar store. While a brick and mortar store will likely run any business upwards of $100 thousand, an online store can be more easily developed for between $3 thousand and $20 thousand. Operating overhead is also decrease along with requirements for staff and insurance.

E-Commerce is the Future

US e-retail sales are expected to grow from $263 billion in 2013 to $418 billion in 2018. That’s a 57% growth in just the next 4 years. Thanks to improve supply chain systems from companies like UPS and Amazon we expect this trend to accelerate.

What this means to your company

If you have a product or service that can be sold online than you better start selling it online soon.