Web Design

Developing a Site

Web design starts with considering the customer and what you would like them to get out of a visit to your website. This can vary widely. Some companies focus on a specific line of products or services while others may emphasize a particular event or person.

The simpler, the better!

A well designed site works to direct the user towards the goal. It understands the limited attention of users and seeks to maximize value to the user within the limited time they will be on the site.

We Design for Mobile

As of July 2014 over 61 % of Americans are using Smart Phones. This number of only going to rise and must be considered when designing an online experience.

Responsive Design

From cell phones to tablets there are now hundreds of device sizes in use. A properly designed responsive site handles all screen sizes in a way that avoids the old pinch to zoom methodology. The mobile experience must be as comfortable to the end user as the desktop version.

Ready for the future

We always look at the latest trends and techniques in the field of web design and apply them where we can to make your users experience the best possible.

Along with the latest trends we at  Spark Fire focus on mature technologies that act as the bedrock of our systems. These mature technologies like WordPress CMS, HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript will be the foundation of the web for many years to come.