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Introducing our Newest Website Honeoye Falls Distillery

Building a new website for Honeoye Falls Distillery required bringing together many graphics resources and quite a bit of custom coding. We wanted to build a website that showed off the high quality of the product along with the distillery that makes it. For that reason as much photography as possible was taken directly at the distillery.

The centerpiece to the website was the bottle slider at the top of the home page which allows users to find out about the many spirit offerings and see a quick tasting note about each.

Several of the other attributes of note are the store locator map on the ‘Where to Buy’ page which has a easy to use map for finding places to purchase Honeoye Falls Distillery spirits.




Should your business use twitter?

Twitter has become a great place to advertise products and services but is it really worth your time?  With the existence of so many other forms of advertising it becomes difficult to choose where to spend your time, but like with most questions the answer is that it depends.

1) Do your customers, target audience, use Twitter? This is item number 1 when deciding to go the Twitter route or not. Here are some demographics on Twitter. The main takeaways are that the large portion of users are young, under 29. Continue reading

Why you should use for Domain Names!

There are many attributes that you want to consider when picking a hosting service for you site. Price is often the first consideration, but should it be? The cost of a domain is far less than the annual cost of hosting that domain and added costs will usually make what looks like a good deal end up being the most expensive choice.

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