Business Tools

Our business is increasing sales for your business

Both Management Dashboards and Customer Relationship Management systems are tools to improve your companies ability to make intelligent decisions.

You can’t improve what you can’t measure!

At Spark Fire we want our customers to see improving metrics and that means the first thing we tend to do is to determine what metrics best help our clients in achieving their goals. For some this is simply bottom line profit or total sales, while for others it is related to efficiency or quality.

Once a set of metrics is determined we design real time actionable dashboards to make sure you understand where you are in achieving your goals and what can be done to reach them.

Customer Relationship Management = CRM

Companies of any size can improve sales performance with the usage of a CRM. By helping you organize and interact with contacts, accounts, leads, and opportunities your sales can grow.

The many CRM options

Today there are a huge variety of CRM options that cover specific industries types or can be modified to work with any business type. Understanding the best CRM options for your company can greatly reduce costs and greatly increase the likelihood of success for a CRM implementation.

Grow your business

We understand that a sales funnel does not just run from contacting a lead to the first sale. For that reason we have developed an alternative sales portal that we feel can help any company get more new and repeat sales.

Focus on customer rating

Ratings on sites like Google can make or break a company. Make sure that your sales don’t suffer because of a poor online presence.

Value Current Customers

Let us help you keep track of both who your customers are and gather feedback that can help you become a better company.