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Thumbtack Creates a Bridge Connecting Companies and Clients

Better Quotes Through Thumbtack

Services like thumbtack have become a major method for people to find the best of the best service providers and the best price. If you aren’t familiar with thumbtack it is the service that help you get the best bid no matter the service needed. Thumbtack creates a competitive environment where companies have to put money on the line to place a bid. This money on the line increases the likelihood that the bid will be accurate and competitive.

Question:   How much does it cost to bid on a client request?

Placing a bid cost in the range of 2–9 credits, depending on the type of project. Each credit costs $1.67 at the time of posting. So as a business putting a bid out their to a potential client you want to make sure that you have a good chance of winning.


Question: When requesting quotes what should I be aware of?

Service providers will often have very different ideas of you expectations of the bid. They will usually underestimate costs hoping that will select them on low price alone and then pump up their price later on. This is why you need to be as explicit as possible with your scope of work. You should also make sure to request a hourly rate for ongoing work that may come up with scope creep, which is unplanned work that arises during the project.


Question: As a Bidder how do I increase my changes of winning on quotes.

Aside from having the best price and value of service, Professionalism and Reviews are the best way to improve your chances of winning quotes. Make sure that your profile is fully filled out and get some of your current clients to give you good reviews.


Question: Doesn’t Thumbtack increase the cost of doing business.

Yes gaining a new client from Thumbtack is going to cost some money. As I said before each quote will cost you between $3 and $19. You will not win every quote you place. With a professional attitude, focus on marketing and intelligent pricing, you can make Thumbtack a strong part of your company sales effort.



Conclusion: Thumbtack is Good for Business

Thumbtack is the start of a conversation between company and client. It is a great tool to help get people the best possible deal for their project. In a field like web development the competition is a great thing because it helps companies focus on what they are good at. As a company gets better at a specific service they can better tailor their quotes in terms of price and professionalism and win more business.

Check out Thumbtack Now for your next project. The links below can take you to some of the services that Spark Fire provides on Thumbtack.

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