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How to respond to negative reviews with examples

Responding to online reviews is extremely difficult. Much of the time clients making negative reviews are extremely angry and will be writing their review in an attempt to hurt your company. By following the recommendations below you can make the most of a bad situation that happens to most all companies.

1) Be Positive: Never respond to an angry review in a negative way or by blaming the customer. It is ALWAYS a bad idea to respond to a negative review with more negativity.

2) Create a Review Policy: You cannot respond to only the reviews that you want to respond to. Once you start responding to reviews you should respond to all reviews. This can and should include positive reviews as well. Thanking good reviews can be great for your company.

3) Don’t use cookie cutter responses: Cookie cutter responses make the client feel like their issue does not warrant much of your time and makes them question if you even read their review in the first place. Make sure that each response that you write references the review that you are responding to and if possible refer to the reviewer by name.


Example 1:


Example 2: