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Top 5 Reasons your company should be using WordPress

WordPress is a great resource, especially for small and mid-sized companies. If any of the following apply to your company then it’s probably time to make the move.

1) Your company has to send change requests to your web designer more than once a month

Sending change requests to your web developer costs money and usually requires a bit of duplicate work as your internal resources have to communicate the change to the developer.  A content management system like Word Press allows a company to make content changes on the fly with only a small amount of changes and the computer skills of your average Microsoft Word user.

2) You want a company blog

WordPress was originally designed for bloggers but has grown to dominate websites both small and large. Many of the functions of WordPress are still tailored towards easy Blogging and with both free and cheap plugins you can make quite an awesome user experience for your customers.

3) You want multiple people in your company to have access to making quick website changes

Especially for mid to large-sized companies there are often multiple departments that could use the ability to make small changes on the fly. As an example your Sales Department might need to make an addition to the list of their salespeople while your product managers want to change some specs on a new product release. By allowing multiple users to have access to making these changes you can speed the release of information to your customers.

4) To allow your company to change designs with the times on the cheap

It only takes about 2 years for you website to look outdated.  With WordPress and other CMS systems you can make theme changes without much cost of difficulty. Even if you don’t have the internal resources to help you make changes, the cost to your design company will be far less than the complete redesign of your website.

5) To easily incorporate customer feedback and reviews

Social media must be filtered to make sure that you are sending the best message possible to your customers. When customers review your products or services you want the right internal resources to be able to quickly accept and highlight the posts.