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Should your business use twitter?

Twitter has become a great place to advertise products and services but is it really worth your time?  With the existence of so many other forms of advertising it becomes difficult to choose where to spend your time, but like with most questions the answer is that it depends.

1) Do your customers, target audience, use Twitter? This is item number 1 when deciding to go the Twitter route or not. Here are some demographics on Twitter. The main takeaways are that the large portion of users are young, under 29.


2) Do you have an internal resource who uses Twitter already and has the bandwidth to make regular Tweets? Some people are more comfortable communicating with Twitter than others. For this reason it is usually better to survey your employees to see if there is someone already using Twitter.

3) Can you utilize Tweets to direct customers to a sale. The final question you need to ask when deciding on your Twitter option is, can my Tweets actually drive my customers to make purchases. This is not always an easy question to answer, but it is one that can be resolved with little investment. One of the best ways to add links to your own content or online marketplace and to look at the analytics on where your customers are coming from. This can be easily accomplished with Google Analytics by simply looking at the incoming source.