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Why you should use for Domain Names!

There are many attributes that you want to consider when picking a hosting service for you site. Price is often the first consideration, but should it be? The cost of a domain is far less than the annual cost of hosting that domain and added costs will usually make what looks like a good deal end up being the most expensive choice.

Services like GoDaddy will try to pull you in with low 1st year rates but how many people really plan on only using their site for one year. The domain is also only a small amount of the cost and often ends up being far less important than access to the features you need to do business.

Namecheap has a solid policy of only adding 10% to the price of a domain to cover their costs. They have transparent usage contracts and offers Comodo SSL Certificates  for much less, $9.95/year, than the competition.

PositiveSSL_tl_transAlthough their user console could be a bit prettier it does the job of giving users easy access to DNS Settings and forwarding of emails.

Namecheap-Manage-Domains1Do remember that always has discounts going to good to great. One that you can get right now can be found at….

The above link will get you a 10% discount on new Registration, Domain Transfers and VPS Hosting.

The great deals come around the holidays. During their Black Friday deals will give out most everything from $0.99 transfers to SSL Certificates.

To find yourself an awesome domain now go to …..